Halerium is available for Python 3.7 and 3.8. To download and install halerium, simply run

>>> pip install halerium
It is advised to install the requirements beforehand. These are
  • tensorflow>=2.3,<2.4

  • pandas

  • numpy

  • scipy

  • requests

  • packaging

  • websockets

  • rsa

After installing halerium you can import halerium by running

import halerium

in a python session.

Usage conditions#

Halerium is free to use for personal or academic purposes. Commercial usage is free in interactive sessions.

Commercial usage of Halerium within non-interactive sessions, particularly as a part of a derived software program, and scripts and pipelines that are automated, recurring and/or unsupervised, requires a separate license.

To purchase such a license contact Erium GmbH (

For the full end user license agreement see

License registration#

If you have purchased a license file you need to register it with you Halerium installation. To register your license file run

>>> halerium register /path/to/license.lic

in a shell.